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Fiesta and Siesta

Dream Yoga in Barcelona and Cadaques

Michael Katz

Barcelona is an ideal city to practice Dream yoga.  The scenery and the Spanish lifestyle lend itself to this practice. For example there is the architecture of Gaudi, amongst other masters and  the paintings of Miro . You encounter fantastic shapes and designs around every corner, perfect to ask yourself “Is this a dream”.   Then there are the street performers decorated as trees, animals, fantasy beings standing as motionless as stone and suddenly coming to life. There is also the old city and everywhere something dream like.

I encounter a man on stilts also juggling  as he blocks traffic.  We round a corner and there is a Sadhu bare except a loin cloth sitting in meditation. Is this really a large western city I ask myself.  Is this a dream?

Emerging from one program we find a trail of troll like dolls leading up a street. No wonder we have some remarkable lucid dreams amongst the group participating in the workshops.  When people take siestas during the day and stay awake far into the night they blurr the distinction between dream and waking and are primed for dream yoga practice.

During a guided nap a woman has the following dream “ I am with a group.  We are on the beach sitting in a large circle.  I am very aware of the elements, the sky, the water, the sand. We have just finished talking about impermanence and the Dharma.  Suddenly the sand forms globes which hover in the sky before each of the participants.  I am now lucid and aware it is a dream.  The globes explode before each of us in turn transporting us beyond time and space.”  The dream points to the state and the possibility of  awareness beyond the mind.

We walk outside there are people dancing to Salsa music outside one of the restaurants, and a man with bulging muscles plays volleyball in a thong.  We sit down for our mid -day meal and I am served black rice colored with the ink of a squid. I continue to ask myself is this a dream?

Day after day it goes like this in Barcelona, mixing dream and reality, dream and awareness.  When its time for fiesta we eat and drink with our brothers and sisters remembering it is all a dream, and when its time for siesta  we practice dream yoga.

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