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Dream of Clarity of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche

    From an early age, Chogyal Namkhai Norbu has had an exceptional capacity for dream work. The following dream, drawn with permission from his archive, illustrate extraordinary examples of “clarity” within the Dream State. We encourage the community to submit inspirational dreams of clarity of their own which we will post on the Dream yoga web pages anonymously.

Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche    I was fifteen years old; it was in the middle of the latter part of the fifth month of the water-snake year, 1953. I was on retreat in Gyawo Ritrod of Trokhog in Derge in Dokham. It was the twenty-fifth day of the initiation and instructions of Dzogchen Nyingthig Yazhi that I had requested from my Uncle Khyentrul Rinpoche. At dawn on the morning after Master and disciples together had offered the long Ganapuja of Khandro Nyingthig, I had a dream.

     I was in the great cave of Gyawo Ritrod, and suddenly five dakinis appeared in front of the cave entrance. At that time, there was a lovely girl who I thought was the green dakini on the right side of Pal Lhamo. She was adorned with jewel ornaments. Entering the cave, she gave me a very small, yellow scroll. With a subtle, sweet voice she said: “Pal Lhamo gives this to you.”

    Very curious, I quickly accepted the yellow scroll with my left hand, and I asked, “Who are you?” But the girl disappeared. I immediately opened the little, yellow scroll and looked at it carefully. On the scroll were the Tibetan uchen letters A HU MA as if written with red blood. There was nothing other than these three letters written there.

    At that time, I was thinking about what terton Nyima Pal
told me when I met him in a dream when I was in Sengchen Namdrag. He had explained that I should understand how letters more or less manifest from the pure symbols. Immediately after invoking Ekajati, I looked at the three letters on the yellow scroll. Infinite light rays emanated from the three letters. In the dust of the light rays were something like clusters of very small letters. I recognized them to be letters, but some disappeared before I could read them. I was afraid of losing the scroll, so I held it in my left hand, and I tightly held my left hand with my right hand because I felt it was necessary to offer this to Uncle Rinpoche. And I woke up in that condition.

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