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Lucid Dreams of Community Members


    I was walking down stairs towards a crystal cave filled with light, and entered the cave.  I felt a sensation of being turned inside out and had no more awareness of body or having a physical form in the dream.  There was an image of a luminous red crystal heart before me, slightly elevated, and the space around was filled with thousands of thigles, each filled with rainbow lights.  The rainbow lights changed into what I think of as a black rainbow, very luminous and opalescent, with a hidden sort of feeling. The appearance is as though a black light sun were shining through the rainbows rather than a white light sun. (I noticed afterward when I got the Dream Yoga book, the sky on the cover looks somewhat like this.)  This appearance is accompanied by an expansion of awareness, a limitless feeling, and there was an awareness, a rising thought of being inseparable from Kuntuzangpo, and resting in this state as the play of phenomena arises and manifests, leaving subject/object behind.  Light is everywhere. Second part of the dream. I find myself driving on the upper mountain road from Waimea to Hawi, or a road that reminded me very much of that, being in the mountains and sort of other-worldly. Very aware of the green color of the mountains and grass.  The road begins to lift and elevates, leaving behind the human realm dimension and the earth, and awareness transforms from human form into an expansive feeling, formless, out in space.  I see the stars all around and diamond-like forms of light, and there is a sense of a sort of galactic awareness rather than a human seeming awareness.


    I move downwards into an ocean of clear crystalline light. The next moment, I am at the rooftop of the world, the Himalayas. It is very familiar to me - above the treeline, vast vistas stretching before me.  Lama T... is holding my right hand, and I have such a strong sense of his presence, of our inseparability.  We're walking, and then climbing towards a cave up high on a mountainside. There is somebody he wants me to meet, he calls a "secret lama".  Now we are flying toward the mountain, and it is as though we have to shift into a different dimension or realm. After this shifting, Lama T... and I are in a huge temple hall, and there are beings there whose bodies are made of light.  It wasn't so much that words were being spoken, but impressions are forming and arising in the exchange with these beings. Instructions were being given about how I could remain there, and how to maintain awareness in more than one realm or dimension at the same time, being in several places at once. Awareness is arising of feeling like I'm in more than one place, (The dreamer awoke prematurely at this point.)


    We are gathered around a table with Rinpoche. I see something on the table and pick it up. It is a small scorpion. I don't feel afraid but others do and I wonder if I should also. I relax and don’t worry.

    I am in a crowd. I see Rinpoche through the crowd. He is smiling very strongly towards me. I start to look away unsure if he is really looking at me. He holds me eyes and assures me that he is looking at me. He puts his hand out through the people. I put my hand in his and move towards him.

    He is still smiling warmly, approvingly. We walk together.

    There is a ritual happening here on the island. There is the selection and gifting of a beautiful gift for each person, like beautiful rings for example. There is a sense of calm and respect ……..Then we are outside looking expectantly, a black man moves purposefully as if angling to see something in the space, I can see through his eyes what he sees………there is a beautiful white net suspended in space. It is as if it is a rope, but actually it is light. It has a beautiful pattern and gives the impression of something tangible and able to be climbed. It is the net of Vajrasattva………I realize something about the air element and that the intangible is all there is to work with.

    I am given a container to drink. It is brown and putrid and contains all the contamination in the world. I am a little afraid but also I am aware of this as Ganacakra, beyond any limitations, and of maintaining instant presence. I drink the liquid and empty the cup……..Then I become aware that I am with some other students and we are working hard, not in an ordinary sense, but in the sense of Ganacakra, working with all circumstances and maintaining presence, awareness of samaya, need for purification and so on. I appear to be at the front of the group and we arrive at our destination for now. Rinpoche says to us that we have attained Vajra Master 1st level. We are together relaxing. Then the space is filled with shining letters including A, AH, HA, SHA, SA, MA, the Song of the Vajra and the 3 Vajras. I can the six syllables clearly and distinctly and recognize them without any doubt.


In my dream Rinpoche was gazing directly into my eyes and I felt a complete disappearance of boundaries. He said "Don t you know how to accept an invitation? I want to write you the name of a book you must read." As I watched him start writing I woke up & wondered what could the "title" be and later realized there is no title.


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